Sunday, August 24, 2008


So I had my first online sale this week, so to celebrate, for the rest of the month of August I'll be running a little sale, advertised here only, for 10% off any item in my Etsy store.

Use code at checkout of: 1stsale

Yes, you can pass this onto friends and family to use as well.
Sale good through midnight Pacific Standard Time, August 31st 2008.

Friday, August 22, 2008


Well, I'm just starting up this blog. The plan is to use this as a newsletter of sorts for my glass business and for notice of other related things of interest. This whole plan could change as things progress, but at least this is the initial intent. :) This means that here:

- You'll see photos of brand new items, before they even hit my Etsy store or are sold in shows I'll be attending. Yes, this means that you can message me and call "dibs" if you want something.

- Read about "behind the scenes" things as I work on my glass work and other things.

- I'll be giving dates of my various appearances, where I'll be selling my work, in person (aka other than my Etsy store). I hope to see some of you at these!

- I'll also be posting first (and sometimes only!) notice of sales and other events on this site.

- Other related events or news that I think you might find of interest.

- And other things that I'm not thinking of at the moment.

Most of all I plan to have fun here, and have a chance to geek out on all my crafty/glass interests, and be able to share some of that with others. :)

Please, let me know if you're watching, stop by, say "Hi", and hope you enjoy!